The Amazing Tuxedo Cats

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What Make Tuxedo Cat Different?

With their white bellies, chest and paws, Tuxedo cats always look fancy and unbearably cute. Moreover, the long, thick and white whiskers create a stunning contrast to the shiny black coat. Many people were misled to believe the tuxedos are an independent breed, but that’s not true. The tuxedo cat has a black-and-white color pattern recognized in a variety of awesome cat breeds. But it is NOT A BREED. Although it appears in different sizes and in various breeds, basically, a tuxedo cat is a traditional domestic short or longhair cat (which is still not a breed). Today, it is recognized as the most desired pet in the world. The great thing is, these kinds of cats are in a love affair with humans. No wonder why the shorthair tuxedo is loved by so many people and today remains one of the most popular color-pattern type.


Dozens of tuxedos have been developed over decades of breeding programs. The apparent result is, a number of well-recognized cat breeds where the tuxedo bicolor pattern occurs:

• Scottish Fold
• American short hair
• British short hair
• Oriental short hair
• Manx
• Maine Coon
• Siberian
• Exotic short hair
• Persian
• LaPerm
• Munchkin
• American curl
• Sphynx cat
• Devon Rex
• Cornish Rex
• Norwegian Forest Cat
• Peterbald

Coat pattern

By rule, tuxedo cats have bicolor coat pattern that comes in black and white. However, not all black-and-white cats qualify as tuxedos. There must be a solid black color pattern throughout the most of the body with some white spots occurring on the throat, chin, chest, belly and paws. The great charms in those cats are due to the unusual color pattern. They look as if wearing an official suit, also called tuxedo. And this is where the name comes from. Felines who show the black-and-white pattern are not necessarily the tuxedo type. For instance, cats whose bodies are colored mostly in white with a few black spots, swirls or stripes, are not to be considered tuxedos.

Personality of tuxedo cats

The tuxedo cat personality are varies. Naturally not all tuxies share the same qualities. While some are quiet and others are inquisitive, the majority adore adventures. Most shorthair tuxedo cats are known for being wanderers. Whether in the woods or downtown, they would love to take a long stroll. Longhair tuxedos carry an advantageous gene as well. It was passed on among cats who used to live in isolated areas, such as mountain regions.

The thrill of the hunt is in their nature. Even when they are being fed regularly, tuxedos are willing to spend hours, day or night, prowling for a prey. At night they can see five to six times better than humans. Shorthaired tuxedo cats are known to be more efficient hunters because they can move freely unnoticed or simply use the dark at night as a disguise. Plus, their thick coats allow to glide unhampered through dense terrains.

Tuxies are highly individual animals who also carry a very friendly and loving personality which makes them perfect match for family pets. When provided with proper care and regular attention, tuxedo cats can grow truly affectionate and loyal to their owners. You and your family may have cared for many cats over the years, but having tuxedos around offers a whole new experience. Domestic tuxedo cats make great loving companions. Compared to other types of cats like, Calico and Tabby, Tuxies are quite characters. Cute, calm and lovable, the ideal family cat.

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